Tennis Etiquette

We aim to provide the best possible service and court availability to members. To assist in this objective, members are respectfully requested to adhere to code of conduct as well as the terms & conditions detailed below.

Should you have any observations on any of the aspects provided, please email

  • General

    1. Courts can only be used if the booking member is present.
    2. Cancel courts at the earliest opportunity when it’s not possible to attend the booking.
    3. Members cannot take to the courts without a booking.
    4. Members are not able to book courts for other members.
    5. Members may only reserve one court at a time.
    6. Members playing in the same 2/4’s may only book one court at any particular time (please do not book indoor and outdoor courts at the same time).
    7. Please ensure you have registered (by swiping your membership card) for your booking at reception, prior to taking to the courts.
    8. If you encounter any issues with other members and the court bookings, please report the issue to reception.
    9. Please allow the prior booking to finish to their allocated time before walking on to the court, you can use the lodge or stand outside the court (outside the gate) while you wait.
    10. Please respect others use of adjoining courts (Minimal noise, no excessive shouting etc).
    11. If your ball goes onto the adjoining court, please wait until they have stopped play before your retrieve your ball.
    12. Please leave court no later than your allocated booking time, regardless of game stage.
    13. When walking onto the court, make sure you use the correct door i.e. court bookings on court 6 are to use the door on court 6 and not walk along the back of the adjoining court.
    14. For coaching enquiries please email

  • Use of the courts

    1. When playing on clay courts, please ensure play stops 10 mins before the end of the court booking, as all players must drag courts prior to leaving.
    2. After using the clay courts, players are asked to use the brush station provided, thoroughly cleaning trainers before using other courts or entering the club.
    3. Players should wear appropriate tennis attire and non-marking trainers on court.
    4. Vest for men are not permitted in any area other than the gym.
    5. Remove or dispose used balls, ball cans and other refuse in bins before leaving court.
    6. Please do not leave jugs, plastic cups or litter on the courts.

  • No shows / lateness

    1. A court booking will be released after 15 mins of the booking time, when the member has not registered (swiped their membership card).
    2. Members are encouraged to report no shows on courts to reception.
    3. No show courts can be taken over 15 mins after booking time with prior agreement with reception.
    4. Repeated no shows will have booking restrictions applied.

  • Tennis equipment

    1. Tennis balls can be purchased at the reception desk.
    2. Borrowing tennis rackets and balls is subject to availability and may require a deposit.
    3. Tennis equipment can be purchased at Nick Rivett’s Sport where members get a 10% discount (you must show membership card for proof)
    4. Tennis equipment is to be sensibly stored; members are encouraged to use open lockers in the bar area and on the members’ terrace. Please do not store possessions overnight. (The club is not able to take any responsibility for any lost/ damaged items).

  • Feedback

    1. We encourage members to provide their feedback. All feedback is welcome, email us at


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