Nutrition & Qualified Coach at Wickwoods


Our Nutritional coach offers personalised & collaborative coaching on a one-on-one basis across a timeframe suitable for your goals. Focusing on your diet and nutrition can help boost your workouts and assist in helping to hit those health, strength, or weight loss goals faster and more effectively.

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Nutrition Coach Tom Pask

Meet Tom, our level 4 Nutritional coach and Personal trainer.
Tom has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 10 years. His attention to detail, wealth of knowledge, and passion for the industry has seen him become one of our most popular trainers in the gym.

Nutrition is a wide and intricate topic, that at times can feel like a bit of a minefield to understand and apply to daily life. This is where Tom excels, by making the topic understandable, accessible, and personalised to each client.

Tom offers personalised nutritional consultations and courses at Wickwoods. To help you achieve your goals, this may include topics such as:

  • Calculating recommended calorie consumption
  • Sourcing the right food groups to fuel your body
  • Assisting in the psychological and behavioural aspects of your diet, to working with specific populations such as women experiencing menopause or PCOS, elderly clients, diabetics, and those living with food allergies or intolerances.


A 90 min appointment with our qualified nutrition coach to assess your current diet, body composition statistics, and nutritional requirements. Following assessment, evidence based nutritional guidance and exercise recommendations are then provided, in line with the goals that you have. *Please note that individualised meal plans cannot be provided. £75

Enquire or book contact 01273857567

Nutrition Course

In addition to the nutritional consultation, with this package you will also receive 4 x 60-minute coaching sessions. These are to help build on your consultation and personal goals, to coach you towards improving your diet, and lifestyle in a personalised, collaborative and informative way. *Please note that individualised meal plans cannot be provided. £200

Enquire or book contact 01273857567

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