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General FAQs

  • All are welcome at Wickwoods

    All are welcome at Wickwoods. You do not need to be a member to enjoy the following:

    • The Glass House Restaurant & Terrace
    • Spa treatments & spa days
    • Hotel stays
    • Weddings & events
  • Joining as a Club Member

    There are many benefits to joining our Club Membership. Members enjoy access to all of our health, fitness and well-being facilities. All exercise classes, our fitness rewards journey in the gym and inductions are complimentary. There are also many more reasons to join, for more information click here.

  • Use of the facilities

    Access to the facilities remains a priority for our members, who join our Club Membership. Subject to availability, the public can use the facilities if on a spa day or if staying in our hotel on an upgraded stay with facility use. For more information or to check availability, contact us at 01273 857567.

  • Are children welcome at Wickwoods?

    Children are welcome to dine at The Glass House Restaurant & Terrace. All other services and facilities are for adults only. For questions relating to children please contact reception on 01273 857567.

  • General dress codes

    a) For The Glass House Restaurant & Terrace, we advise smart-casual attire. Trainers are allowed, although sportswear is not permitted.

    b) Vests for men are not permitted in any area other than the gym.

    c) Excluding The Glass House Restaurant on Sundays, members and those on spa days may wear closed robes over dry swimming costumes in all dining environments, though they must vacate prior to 18:00 for evening dinner service.

    d) Members and spa day guests are required to wear appropriate swimming costumes if accessing the pool & thermal facilities.

    d) For weddings or events, guests may be required to wear a black tie. Please check the dress code prior to attending.

  • Opening times & location

    Click the button below for a full list of all our opening times

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Membership FAQs

  • Getting started & inductions

    All new members are welcome to book complimentary inductions to the gym and tennis. Our fitness reward journey has been designed to kick-start your progress in the gym. Our health & fitness coaches will introduce you to all the equipment and how to safely exercise towards your goals. Meet like-minded members and try tennis at one of our tennis inductions. For more information or to book your inductions, contact the reception team at the desk or call 01273 857567.

    You can book any exercise class you wish as your first class. Should you be questioning which ones to book, our team at reception can help advise you. For exercise, and class descriptions click here.

    Your membership login for our member's area will be provided by our reception team. All facilities are bookable up to 6 days in advance online. Should you need it, we can talk you through how to log in and book online.

  • Members dress codes

    When frequenting the club, members are respectfully asked to maintain a respectable level of dress. In particular:

    a) Wear suitable footwear at all times other than when physically going to, using and leaving the pool and spa complex.

    b) Wear a shirt, trousers, shorts, dress, wrap skirt, tee shirt, blouse, dress or similar at all times other than when physically going to, using and leaving the pool, spa complex and gymnasium.

    c) Vests for men are not permitted in any area other than the gym.

    d) Sportswear is permitted in the sports bar (vests for men excluded)

    e) Sportswear is not permitted in the Glass House.

    f) Sports tops, shorts and footwear must be worn in the gymnasium at all times.

    g) The wearing of swimming costumes is restricted to the pool, spa and changing areas only.

    h) On occasion entry to events may be limited to the strict dress code i.e. black tie.

    i) Closed robes are allowed to be worn over swimming costumes in all dining areas at Wickwoods. Those robes must vacate the bar, restaurant and terraces at 18:00 prior to evening dinner service.

    j) Sunbathing is allowed in our enclosed Spa Garden. Sunbathing in a swimming costume or topless is not allowed in our gardens or terraces.

  • Adult memberships only

    Club Membership is available to adults only. Children are welcome to dine at The Glass House Restaurant & Terrace. For questions relating to children please contact reception.

Treatments & Spa Days FAQs

Pool & Thermal Facilities FAQs

  • Indoor pools bookable lanes & open lanes

    Members can choose to book a swimming lane, or they are welcome to use our open swimming lanes during the following times. During this time they can also use the hydro pool, sauna and steam room as these facilities do not require a booking.

    2 bookable lanes 06:45 – 20.45 (closes 21:45)
    1 swim lane, max 3 members at one time, open without booking 06.45 – 21:45

    Indoor Saturday:
    2 bookable lanes 06:45 – 19:45 (closes 20:45)
    1 swim lane, max 3 members at one time, open without booking 06:45 – 20:45

    2 bookable lanes 07:15 – 18:45 (closes 19:45)
    1 swim lane, max 3 members at one time, open without booking open without booking 07:15 – 19:45

  • Are there any rules for using the pool?
    • Please shower before using the pools, between using the sauna and steam room and before re-entering the pools or hydro pools.
    • No flotation devices other than approved swimming aids such as arm bands or vests are allowed in the pool.
    • No diving weights, toys or any other implements must be taken into the pool.
    • No glass items are allowed in the pool areas and thermal facilities.
    • No food is allowed in the pool areas and thermal facilities.
    • No running or dive bombing.
  • What safety is there for the pools?

    Wickwoods has a lifeguard on duty at all times. In the unlikely event of no lifeguard, the indoor pool would have to close until a lifeguard is on duty again.

    The pool areas are also fitted with blue emergency alarm points for users, plus safety cameras which are monitored from both the gym, reception and office. Also, suitably qualified staff patrol the pool areas on a regular basis, trained in pool response and first aid.

    No diving is permitted. Our indoor pool has a deep end. Non-swimmers should not enter our pools without supervision and approved flotation devices. Non-approved flotation devices or toys of any kind are not permitted. Please read all signage and take reasonable personal care while swimming and by the poolsides.

Gym FAQs

  • Getting started

    Book your complimentary induction with our qualified health and fitness coaches. We will overview all our equipment and how to exercise safely towards your goals.

    We also advise members to take advantage of our Fitness Reward Journey and benefit from a number of complimentary sessions to improve their fitness and understanding.

    To book or for more advice, contact our reception team at the desk or by phone at 01273 857567.

  • Personal training

    Book personal training sessions at the main reception desk. £35 per hour or receive a discount upon booking and paying for multiple sessions.

    Our qualified health & fitness coaches can help you lose weight, and strengthen and improve your stamina. For particular areas of concern or a key goal, contact our gym team for advice and we can help recommend the best trainer for you. fit@wickwoods.co.uk

  • Help and advice exercising

    Book for a review or induction at the reception desk, or call 01273 857567.

    Our gym is manned throughout the day by qualified health & fitness coaches, you are welcome to ask them for on-the-spot advice should they be in the office area or gym floor.

    Alternatively, you can email the gym team at fit@wickwoods.co.uk

Hotel FAQs

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